Anorexia Sparks NV

Anorexia in Sparks, NV. Find phone numbers, addresses and information about Anorexia in Sparks.

Yvonne R. Wood
(775) 329-3393
3732 Lakeside Dr.
Reno, NV
Anxiety Disorder (e.g., generalized anxiety, phobia, panic or obsessive-compulsive disorder), Eating Disorder (e.g., compulsive eating, anorexia, bulimia), Mood Disorder (e.g., depression, manic-depressive disorder), PostTraumatic Stress Disorder or Acute Trauma Reaction, Behavioral Health Intervention involving Medical Conditions/Disorder
Ages Served
Adults (18-64 yrs.)
Adolescents (13-17 yrs.)
Older adults (65 yrs. or older)
Children (3-12 yrs.)
Education Info
Doctoral Program: University of Hawaii - Manoa
Credentialed Since: 1984-09-11

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Katheryn Swanson
(775) 674-7918
sparks, NV
Practice Areas
Addictions and Dependency, Career Development, Childhood & Adolescence, Eating Disorders, School
National Certified School Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Family Counseling Service of
(775) 688-2182
480 Galletti Way
Sparks, NV
Step Two
(775) 787-9411
3700 Crystal Lane
Reno, NV
Family Counseling Service of
(775) 329-0623x121
575 East Plumb Lane
Reno, NV
Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D.
(775) 828-4949
675 Sierra Rose Dr.
Reno, NV
Therapist(s) specializing in eating disorders
Additional Information
Workshops, Individual and Group Therapy, School Outreach & Eating Disorder Prevention, as well as Telephone Consultations. Wendy is the author of "Fed Up!", the best-selling ten-step, no-diet fitness plan.

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Mary Howden
(775) 772-2049
Reno, NV
Practice Areas
Addictions and Dependency, Childhood & Adolescence, Eating Disorders, Couples & Family, Sports Counseling
National Certified Counselor

Advanced DUI School
(775) 233-5316
2105 Capurro Way
Sparks, NV
Footprints Counseling
(775) 322-3668
1135 Terminal Way
Reno, NV
Department of Veterans Affairs
(775) 786-7200
1000 Locust Street
Reno, NV
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